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By Josh Mahan  11/3/08
A return from sabbatical. Words on Obama's slanderous use of treehugger and Tester's feeble attempts at change.
Colorado River Blues
By Josh Mahan  10/10
The Glen Canyon dam is not designed for the 500-year flood that threatens it. It's a safety issue.
The Chafe of the West
By Josh Mahan   6/30
Thoughts on Lowbagger's upcoming 1,000-mile river trip documentary, and the continued pollution of Yellowstone.
Citizen's Arrest
By Josh Mahan  3/25
A West Virginia judge rules that Army Corps of Engineers has been handing out illegal mountaintop removal permits.
There Has To Be A Better
Way To Get To ELAW
By Josh Mahan  3/15
A funder, a founder, a folk musician, and an editor find their way to ELAW.
The Lost Art of Shattuck
By Josh Mahan  2/17
Tales from a different village's well. A good old-fashioned drinking story.

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Man Without
A Bio-Region,
Mike Roselle

Squish The Grape
By Mike Roselle  3/26
It is time for progressives to seize political control using the Republican-backed impending environmental disaster as their central issue.
Where The Buffalo Roam
By Mike Roselle   2/28
On the state of Al Gore and you needing get out to the Buffalo Field Campaign.
Sacrificed In Apocalypse
By Mike Roselle  1/30
Mike tells us where he's been hiding and waxes philosophical on child-rearing in the post-Atomic era.
Happy Freaking
New Year
By Mike Roselle  12/18
We have entered the Carbon Age, an era of limits that American consumers must learn to live with.
Greens Flex Muscle
For Democratic Victory

By Mike Roselle  11/22
Like blue jeans and rock 'n roll,
some things never go out of style.
Being green is hip and candidates
must respond or lose their job.

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Floogle Watch
The $11 Martini
By Uncle Ramon
Ramon traces the inflation of the martini after a drink order in a  D.C. aristocratic stronghold.

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Tree Spiker: From Earth First! To Lowbagging: My Struggles In Radical Environmental Action

Lowbagger's very own book project, available at an independent bookseller near you, published by St.Martin's.

Tree Spiker Reviews

Panamanian Indigenous Leaders
Condemn Market Solutions

By Rebecca Sommer  11/3/08
Panama is at a crossroads with dozens of hydro projects proposed. In the middle are the Naso and Ngobe peoples, jaguars, and biodiversity. News from a recent trip to D.C.

Coal Plants Pollute
Colorado River Basin

By John Weisheit  11/3/08
Sometimes the pollution is so severe you can't see across the Grand Canyon. A list of culprits.

Navajo Nation Challenges Head Fed Nuke Board
By Jennifer Marshall  5/9/08
The land, air, water, and health of the Navajo hinges on upcoming ruling.

Hydro Project Threatens Patagonia Rivers, Forests
By Paula Palmer  5/6/08
The Aysen faces massive hydro, doesn't consider alternatives.

Off-Road Vehicles Dominate Forest Plan
By Phil Knight   3/27/08
The Beaverhead-Deerlodge forest is facing severe threat to motorized use.Write in now!

Life Afloat
By Josh Mahan  3/8/08
The unabridged tale of three boaters wandering through the desert for 106 days until attacked by restless Natives.

1872 Mining Law Falls Short
By Lauren Pagel  1/28/08
Current interpretation of the law calls for mining to be the "highest and best" use for public land, ignoring the importance of drinking water, recreation, and wildlife.

59 Coal Plants Cancelled, Abandoned, or Hold In 2007
By Sourcewatch  1/22/08
Coal plants are viewed as no longer politically feasible in the new Era of Climate Change Realization, scrapped across the States.

Republicans Abandon
Jaguar Recovery

By Kieran Suckling  1/21/08
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has decided not to develop a recovery plan for the jaguar, which has been on the Endangered Species list since 1997.

http://www.cbc.ca/sevenwonders/images/pic_wonder_prairie_sky_lg.jpgFinding Hope In A New Climate: Part II
By Lance Olsen  1/5/08
Determining the winners and losers as species respond to climate change.

Down The River Camp Log
By Jen Sauer   9/23
Retrace the journey through twenty-six epic camps and journal entries of each day.

The Game of Life --
An Alternate Strategy

By Dave Carvell   6/29
A man who chucks it all to live on the land while keeping his office job and hitting a tent.

Direct Action: The Antidote To Despair
By Zoe Blunt   6/26
The Wild Earth gathering in British Columbia assembled to protest the way that works best, on the ground and in the face on the lawless.

No Tax Break Too Big
For Wildlife Destruction
By Alan Gregory   6/13
Wild turkey, grouse and songbird habitat is gone. Developers and tax breaks took care of it.

Montana Plans To Kill Bison Calves
By Stephany Seay   5/30
Bison are marked for slaughter over bad science and cowboy politics. You can still help.

Chinese Activist Jailed, Wants Lake Clean-Up
By Andreas Landwehr   5/30
Detainment for green speech is a common practice in China.

Killing Earth Angels
By Bert Bentley  11/3/08
Environmentalists world wide have been murdered by industry for their advocacy of preservation. We've started a list, by no means comprehensive, to remember.

When Forests
Fall On Banks

By Lance Olsen  11/3/08
On logging fragile forests to build an unsustainable housing market and the end of growth.

You Build Roads
By The Radikal Weatherman  11/3/08
you build ROADS
loud, toxic, and invasive
like double-edged daggers

By David Thomson  5/9/08
The twisted road of being present in politics to letting a representative bind the yoke with newspeak democracy.

The Monkey Wrench Gang -- Thirty Years And On
By D. Ritchey  5/6/08
A modern-day review of the controversial and celebrated tale that captured imaginations of generations.

By Elba Kramer   3/8/08
In the final dispatch of the Chrome Diaries even the buried streams find their old courses and remember the sun.

Spoiled Baby Boomers
By Charles Amarack  3/8/08
Lowbagger poetry. Enormous hinges creak, the cathedral fills our ears, with the prayed out remnants of our greedy dreams.

Celebrating Wilderness
By Roderick Nash  2/7/08
Like baseball and jazz, wilderness is an American invention. Once considered a liablity it is now an asset.

Fostering Better Forest
Policy With Science

By Cameron Nacify  1/22/08
Thinning for restoration should be treated as experimental as fire suppression was in the last century.

The Road In
By Gary Cardwell  1/21/08
A poem lamenting dirt turned pavement on the road into
Terlingua, Texas.

Mike PhotoPursuit of Happiness
By Mike Roselle  1/5/08
What did 1,000 miles of hard rowing teach Mike about happiness and where America is going wrong?

By Dennis Fritzinger  1/5/08
Lowbagger's poet on celestial composition and the fixity of time.

Down The River With Rod Nash
By Mike Roselle   9/23
Rod Nash is a bona fide river and wilderness legend. We caught up with him on the river for a few days. Here's what Rod says about the sport of running wild rivers.

The End
By D.M. Ritchey    6/29
The cities have fallen and our hero has been driven to the mountains to eke out existence.

June Letters
Letters on Gore's  unworthiness, making green hip, beef boycotts, and, yep, wolf hate mail. 6/13

San Vicente, Texas
By Gary Cardwell   6/4
Lowbagger poetry on Big Bend's once busy town of San Vicente.

Dispelling The Cowboy Myth: George Wuerthner Interview
By Tim Lengerich   5/30
Public lands ranching is the number one cause of western species endangerment.

Words From
The Buffalo Frontline
By Eric Stewart   5/30
A buffalo volunteer was subject to a controversial and violent arrest for asking highway patrol to close a road.

Kramer vs. Kramer
By Elba Kramer   5/30
Heartbreak can slowly mend as one man grapples with voluntary poverty and the urge to spend a little less, drive a little less, hurt a little less, and work a little less for the man.

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